Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier
Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier
Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier
Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier
Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier
Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier

Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier

SSV Works

SKU : 200-WP-MRB2R

While rocker-switch media players are not new, the MRB2R does bring a new element to the table. This new Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System comes amplified with a small, yet powerful amplifier! Now that is something no other unit on the market comes with.

Despite the small compact design, the 4-channel amplifier is packed with 200watts of useable power! Available with a 25W x 4 @ 4ohms RMS, or 50W x4 @ 2ohms RMS configuration. That is plenty of power to blast your favorite tunes on the trail or around camp. Still not enough power for you? No problem, add the amp bypass harness, and you'll be able to use the rock-switch controller with a larger amp. 

The hyper-white, back-lit weather-proof buttons make it a breeze to control your media. Whether controlling your volume, play/pause track forward/back, the rubber buttons gives you just the right amount of grip for ease of control.

And of course, to top it off, just like our kits the MRB2R is both weatherproof and plug-&-play!

- Bluetooth: 2.1, A2DP and AVRCP
- Display: Rocker Style Media Controller
- Weatherproof: Yes
- Backlight: Display and Buttons
- Frequency Response: 20hz - 20kHz
- Aux Input: Optional
- Speaker outputs: 25w x 4 @ 4omhs RMS / 50w x 4 2ohms RMS
- Low Level Output: 1 Pre-Out, 4V
- Plug & play installation: Yes

Included: Rocker Switch Audio Controller and Amplifier

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this work with the wpoverhead system for Ezra xp1000 want to amplify my 8” pods

    Unfortunately no. However, you can contact our tech support department and see what options are available to do some something similar at 818-991-1778

  • Can the amplifier be bridged to run as a 2 channel?

    Unfortunately, no the MRB2R amplifier is not bridgeable

  • I’m the Universal Bluetooth Rocker-Switch Audio-System with 200-Watt Amplifier with the 6.5 kicker and the 8” kicker what harness would I need to get to plug into my amplifier

    If you are wanting to add an amplifier to the system, you will need the WP-HRCA harness to convert the "Line Out" plug on teh 200 watt amplifier to RCA's

  • What speakers are plug and play with this system?

    Any of our speaker pod enclosures can be plug and play with the MRB2R. Depending on the location of the speaker pod enclosures, you will need harnesses to make it plug and play. You can find them under the "Harnesses' tab at the top pf our website, or you can call into to customer service at 818-991-1778 and they can assist you with the correct part numbers for the harnesses that would be needed.

  • Does it have a microphone to answer phone calls?

    Unfortunately, no this unit does not have a microphone built in

  • I currently have a soundbar on my wheeler. Wanting to add 4 6.5 speakers and I’m looking for an amp to tie all this in and together. Would this unit work for that? Soundbar does have RCA connections

    Unfortunately, no this unit will not work for that tyype of application. Please contact our customer service department at 818-991-1778 and they may be able to assist you with something that might work.

  • Can I run 2- 8” kicker speaker pods with this ? Or what’s the max amount of 6.5” speaker pods can I run with this ?

    Our MRB2R bluetooth rocker switch comes with a 200 watt 4 channel amplifier built into it. 

    Max mounting depth of the 6.5" cage pods is 4.33"

  • Can I connect two external amp to this unit? One 4 channel and one 2 channel sub amp?

    Our MRB2R comes with an RCA adapter that will plug into the "Line Out" plug of the unit. You can then run an RCA splitter and then RCA's out to both amplifiers.

  • My 2023 Yamaha Rmax 2 XTR 1000 came with an SSV works system. Can I add this to it and what needs to be done. Thank you

    The MRB2R cannot be "added" to the current system, but it can be used to "replace" the current MRB3 stereo unit that was installed with the system. No extra harness will be needed and it will be a plug & play replacement

  • Is this bridgeable to 2 channels?

    Unfortunately, no the amplifier is not bridgeable

  • Can I connect a sub amp to this ?

    Yes, the MRB2R has a "Line Out". The MRB2R c0ome swith an adapter that will plug into the 'Line Out" and convert the plug the RCA's.

  • Anyway to adjust the treble or bass like most head units?

    Unfortunately the MRB2R is not equipped with those options

  • Can the line in be configured to sound over the bluetooth connection? I have a communication radio with AUX out. I would love my comms (line in) to play at the same time as my music(bluetooth) . Is that possible?

    Unfortunately, this unit does not allow for that through the "Line In". Depending on the type of system you are using, your local 12 volt shop maybe able to put something in to allow for what you are wanting to do

  • This i can Bluetooth off my Android phone without a radio

    If your phone has the ability to connect to a bluetooth device, then yes this unit will allow for that.

  • Looking at the MRB2R Wiring Diagram, which is the "sub line out"? Is it the Pre Out/ REM Out cable? If I want to add in another amp, what is the RCA adapter part number?

    When ordering the MRB2R, it will already have the RCA adapter in it that converts the 'Line Out" plug to RCA's. If you need to order the RCA adapter separately, you can find it here:

    RCA Add-On Harness for WP Overhead Systems – SSV Works

  • I am looking to add this to a maverick X3 max (4seater) with the 4" dash speaker kit and the 6.5" pod speakers for the rear. Do I need to purchase additional wire harness or harnesses for connecting the speakers to this unit? Also being a 4 seater or an extra long unit would I need the 96" harness extension kit? Thank You

    In order to make these items be plug and play, y0ou will need the harnesses B-H1909, B-H1913, B-H1912 and B- H2195

  • Can I run six 6.5 speakers and a sub off this?

    TYhe MRB2R is capable of powering up to eight 4ohm speakers. However, it is not abale to power a subwoofer.

  • Can I run the Honda talon ssv sub with this unit?

    Yes you can plug the SSV Works Honda Talon powered subwoofer into this unit

  • I’m looking to power 4 Powerbass 3 ohm 6.5’s with the built in amp and run an external 4 channel amp for 2 bazooka 8’s or 10’s and 2 Powerbass 3 ohm 8’s could I do this with the ssv MRB2R?

    Unfortunately the MRB2R is only 2ohm and 4ohm stable. If you are looking to only get the output audio signal to amplifiers, then yes, the MRB2R does have a "Line out" plug with RCA adapter that will allow for you to run RCA's to your amplifiers

  • Is this a direct plug and play on 2021 Teryx 1000es? Does this work off cell phone or do I have to have a head unit to play music?

    This unit is an amplified Bluetooth stereo unit. You will need to run power/ground for it. Depending on the speakers and/or pods you use, will decide on whether or not you can make it plug and play

  • Can you add a subwoofer amp with that low level output? Or is it just a bypass?

    Yes, there is a "sub line out" on the MRB2R that with our RCA adapter, you will be able to run an external amplifier to power a subwoofer