Universal 8in Cage-Mount Speaker-Pods
Universal 8in Cage-Mount Speaker-Pods
Universal 8in Cage-Mount Speaker-Pods
Universal 8in Cage-Mount Speaker-Pods
Universal 8in Cage-Mount Speaker-Pods
Universal 8in Cage-Mount Speaker-Pods

Universal 8in Cage-Mount Speaker-Pods

SSV Works

SKU : 220-US2-C8A-150

Universal 8in Cage Mount Speaker Pods

SSV Works is the first company to integrate audio in side-by-sides. We have pioneered all the great features you find in audio-systems today. From plug-&-play kit solutions, true weatherproof ratings, to factory fit and finishes, SSV has set the standard in UTV audio from the very beginning!  

Plug-&-Play: No Soldering, cutting or crimping! Designed to install as easy as possible. Simply bolt down the speaker enclosures with the pre-installed speakers, run the vehicle specific plug-&-play wiring, turn the key and go! Made to install as easy as possible, you spend less time wrenching and more time riding! Not installing these on an SSV Works audio system? No problem, simply cut the connector off and wire them to your system.

Factory Fit and Finish: Each kit looks just the way it should, like it came straight from the factory. Purpose built, our enclosures match the factory styling and fits with seamless precision.

Trail Ready: Built for the off-road environment, SSV Works’ audio components will withstand all the harsh riding conditions. From sand, dust, water or snow, you can ride your favorite trails without sacrificing premium audio from SSV Works.

Configure Options:

  • SSV Works Speakers
  • Kicker Speakers
  • Unloaded

  • Included:

  • Cage-Pods with Dual-Band Clamps (choose size)
  • All Mounting Hardware
  • Pre-Mounted/Wired Speakers (if purchasing with speakers)
  • Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

  • *SSV Works Speakers come standard with changeable Grey Speaker Grilles. After adding this kit to your cart, you'll have to the option to add Red, White, Blue or Orange speaker Grilles to your order to customize the look of your kit and vehicle. 


    Patent: #10117008

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • What’s the performance difference between the SSV and Kicker speakers? Is one louder or overall better?

      There are a few differences in the speakers. To better understand the differences between them, please contact our customer service department at 818-991-1778 and they can give oyu all the details

    • Is it compatible with the Polaris RZR TURBO R 4 ULTIMATE? Do you need any extra accessories or do they just install and work?

      Unfortunately, no this SKU is not plug & play to the Ride Command. However, we do have a different SKU that is. The SKU number you want is 200-RZ5-C8ARC 



    • what ohm load are these soeakers


    • I already have the 3 speaker kit from you guys, I simply want to upgrade to upgrade it to the 5 speaker kit you offer . What all would I need to buy

      You would only need the "6.5" or 8" universal cage pods, the B-H1912, B-H1913 and B-H2195 Harnesses, which will make them plug & play to your current SSV Works 3 speaker system

    • Will these work with my overhead wp system?

      Yes, our 8" cgae pods can be plug & play to our WP overheads. You will need a couple of harnesses to go with that though. Part numbers are B-H1913 and B-H2195

    • the 599.99 price tag is that unloaded or with speakers??

      The $599.99 price is for the speaker pods loaded with SSV Works speakers

    • Are these pods self amplified ?

      Unfortunately, no these are not self amplified. You will need to use amnplifier in order for the speakers to work

    • Do the 8” kicker pods come with all the wiring to run to the own plugs under the seat of an rmax 1000-4?

      It is best that you contact our customer service department at 818-991-1778. This way they can be sure to get you everything needed to complete a plug & play option of adding these speakers

    • Whats the watts on these?

      Depending on the speaker option you choose, the wattage on the speakers are as follows:

      SSV Works 8" Speakers:  150 Watt Peak / 75 Watt Rms

      Kicker 8" Speakers: 300 Watt Peak / 150 Watt RMS

    • Are thay Bluetooth

      Unfortunately, no the speakers pods are not bluetooth.

    • Is the $599.99 price per speaker, or for two (2) speakers?

      Our cage mount pods are sold in pairs

    • Will the work fine with the rocker switch only?

      Yes, the MRB2R can power the 8" cage mount pods


      Unfortunately, these speaker pods will need to be powered by an amplifier in order to work with the Ride Command