96in Plug-&-Play Extension Harness

96in Plug-&-Play Extension Harness

SSV Works

SKU : B-H1913
96in extension harness for SSV Works plug-&-play audio systems

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  • I have a left and right rear speaker wire under the front seat of my 2023 Yamaha Rmax2. Would these work to connect directly to a set of pods if I purchased 2? Or do I need to purchase B-H2195 to split and bring one wire back?

    You will need the B-H2195 as well. The B-H2195 splits and plugs into each pod

  • Will this extend the speaker wire from the existing ssv system on a 2023 Yamaha Rmax2 to a set of pods if I purchase them?

    This harness extends the "Rear Speaker" output of the MRB3 stereo unit. You will need the B-H2195 plug and play harness to plug onto it. The B-H2195 then splits off and plugs into each speaker pod

  • I bought some kick panel speakers and im wondering what wire harness I need for them. For a 2021 Polaris turbo s.

    Unfortunately we would need more details on what is currently installed in your RZR in order to give you the information you are looking for. Please contact customer service at 818-991-1778 and they can assist you with that

  • I'm looking for a plug and play wire harness that hooks up from the overhead ssv system to an amp, and front pods. Which wire harnesses do I need for that. I want to make sure the connections are correct and the right length.

    Thje harness that you need is our WP-HRCA. It will convert our "Line out" / "Amp out" pigtail to RCA's. Here is the link to the item:


    RCA Add-On Harness for WP Overhead Systems – SSV Works