2015-2023 Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Sound System
2015-2023 Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Sound System
2015-2023 Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Sound System
2015-2023 Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Sound System
2015-2023 Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Sound System
2015-2023 Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Sound System

2015-2023 Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Sound System

SSV Works

SKU : 200-WP3-RZ3O65

Plug-&-Play Overhead System for Polaris RZR's with factory cage

SSV Works is the first company to integrate audio in side-by-sides. We have pioneered all the great features you find in audio-systems today. From plug-&-play kit solutions, true weatherproof ratings, to factory fit and finishes, SSV has set the standard in UTV audio from the very beginning!  

Our WP Overhead Systems are a great entry level system that installs in minutes! The speakers and MRB3 Bluetooth Media Unit come preinstalled, so all you need to do is simply drop the enclosure into your factory cage, run the power and ground cables, and you're good to go!

Plug-&-Play: No Soldering, cutting or crimping! Designed to install as easy as possible. Simply bolt down the speaker enclosures with the pre-installed speakers, run the vehicle specific plug-&-play wiring, turn the key and go! Made to install as easy as possible, you spend less time wrenching and more time riding!

Factory Fit and Finish: Each kit looks just the way it should, like it came straight from the factory. Purpose built, our enclosures match the factory styling and fits with seamless precision.

Trail Ready: Built for the off-road environment, SSV Works’ audio components will withstand all the harsh riding conditions. From sand, dust, water or snow, you can ride your favorite trails without sacrificing premium audio from SSV Works.

Expandable: Each WP system is expandable. Adding on one of our vehicle specific, amplified subwoofers or Universal cage-pods speakers makes for the ultimate riding experience 


  • WP Overhead Enclosure
  • (4) 6.5" SSV Works Powersports Speakers
  • MRB3 Bluetooth Media Receiver
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

  • SSV Works Colored Speaker Grilles:
    SSV Works Speakers come standard with changeable Grey Speaker Grilles. After adding this kit to your cart, you'll have to the option to add Red, White, Blue or Orange speaker Grilles to your order to customize the look of your kit and vehicle. 


    Patent: #10117008

    Questions & Answers

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    • will this fit a stock cage 2022 XP4 1000


    • Where can I get the mounting hardware

      Please contactc customer service at 818-991-1778

    • Will it fit with an aftermarket cage?

      This unit has been designed to fit the factory roll cage. Please reach out to our customer service department at 818-991-1778 and they can assist you with getting information on fitment with your cage, or what other options we may have for you

    • Does SSV hava a bluetooth reciever that will wire to my Ride Command stero amp? The ride command head unit went bad but I still would like to run the original ampand speakers?

      Unfortunately we do not have a stereo that is plug & play to the factory amplifier. However, we may be able to make something work. Please contact us at 818-991-1778 and we can see what we can do for you.

    • Is this compatible with a Polaris ride command unit ?

      As the system is, it is not compatible with the Ride Command. However, if you contact James in our customer service department at 818-991-1778, he can go assist you with how we can make that work

    • Does this system fit under the Polaris lock and ride roof? Unit is a 2022 Polaris RZR xp1000

      There shouldn't be any issue with fitment under the factory installed roof for that machine

    • Will this fit a 2016 rzr 900 trail?

      Yes, there should be no issue with fitment on that year, make and model

    • Do you have any audio options for Polaris rzr 200?

      Unfortunately, we do not have anything "Vehicle Specific". However, please contact our customer service manager James at 818-991-1778 and he may be able to put together a system that would work on that machine

    • Will this work on a Yamaha wolverine 1000 r-spec 2022?

      Unfortunately no. This overhead system was designed to fit the 2014-2023 Polaris RZR XP1000, XP4 1000, XP Turbo and XP4 Turbo. Along with the 2015-2021 RZR 900

    • What’s the warranty

      1 Year on Electronics

      "Limited Lifetime" on speakers and the enclosures 

      To receive more information on our warranty, please conct customer service at 818-991-1778

    • so i already have the overhead ssv roof, I was wondering if the ssv amp y'all sell will work to make the speakers louder because I don't want to get rid of the roof

      Yes, we do have an amp that will supply more power to the system. Please give our customer service department a call at 818-991-1778 and ask for James. He'll get you what you need to make all that happen.

    • Does this fit my 2024 polaris rzr xp 4 1000 sport

      Unfortunately, no this overhead system does not work on the 2024 XP1000. The roll cage design has changed

    • Will this fit a regular 2024 Rzr xp 1000 sport 2 seater?

      Unfortunately no, this unit will not work on the new 2024 XP1000. The roll cage has been changed on the new model

    • Is there a subwoofer that can be added to this system

      We have a couple of different options to go with that stereo system. You can either purchase the following plug and play subwoofer at the link below, or you can contact cusatomer service to go over different options availbale at 818-991-1778


      2014-up Polaris RZR Weather Proof Amplified 10" Subwoofer – SSV Works

    • I have a hard top roof. How would this work with it and will it? Thanks

      Yes, this overhead system should work fine with the factory hard top roof

    • Will this roof fit a 2024 rzr xp 1000 premium

      Unfortunately, no it does not look like this will fit that year and model. It seems that the roll cage has changed

    • Will this fit to Polaris 1000XP 2021 model?

      Yes, this overhead system will fit on the factory cage of that machine

    • Hi does this fit a 2021 Polaris rzr trail 1000?

      Unfortunately no. The roll cage is curved on the 2021 and newer

    • Can you get new rollbar mounting plates?

      For any type of parts / accessories please reach out to customer service directly at 818-991-1778

    • Dose this fit 2014 rzr 1000 xp says 15-23


    • Does it fit a 2023 polaris rzr xp 1000 sport

      Unfortunately, no it does not fit that machine.

    • Will this unit fit in a 2021 Rzr xp 4 Turbo

      Yes. With the factory roll cage

    • Does this fit turbo r model

      Unfortunately, no this overhead does not fit on the RZR Turbo R. We have many options available for that model. PLease reach out to our customer service department at 818-991-1778 and they can go over all the different options we have availbale for your machine

    • Does this fit a 2017 Rzr xp1000 EPS

      Yes, this overhead will fit the factroy roll cage for that make and model

    • Can this unit be incorporated into the ride command head unit?

      Unfortunately not with the stereo installed. However, please reach out to James at 818-991-1778 and he may be able to make something work for you

    • Bought the plug and play amp and doesn’t seem to have the same plugs as my 4 speaker overhead radio. It has the plug option for amp but the amp does not have a plug for that. Did I get the wrong amp?

      Please contact our customer service department at 818-991-1778 and they can help you with this.

    • Can I wire additional different brand powered speaker pods to this head unit?

      Yes. There is a "Speaker out" plug coming out of the overhead that allows for extra speakers to be powered off the sound system

    • Can I buy just the radio part?

      If you are looking for just the stereo portion with the dome light, please call us at 818-991-1778 and our customer service department can assist you

    • Will this fit a 2023 Polaris RZR 1000 XP Sport?

      Unfortunately it will not fit with the roll cage design on the "Sport" models

    • Will this fit 2019 rzr 900 s?

      Yes, this overhead system should fit the roll cage of that year, make and model

    • Do you still make the additional 2 speaker ad on for total of 6 speakers? Can’t seem to find it.

      Unfortunately we no longer make the 2 speaker overhead add-on. We replaced it with wghat we found to be better sound for consumers. You can find it here at this link.


      Add-on 6.5in Speaker Pods for SSV Works WP Overhead Series Systems

    • Just got a 21 Turbo S, will this work?

      Unfortunately no this overhead will not work on the Turbo S. The roll cage is a diiferent design than the XP1000 style

    • What size is the class d amp?

      The stereo unit has a 200 watt 4 channel amplifier built into it

    • Just got a 22 Pro XP, will this work?

      Unfortunately no. The overhead system is designed for the XP1000, XP Turbo, etc. body style

    • Can I order a set of the orange speaker grills for my MRB3? I don't see them available for sale here. thx

      Yes. Once you add the RZR Overhead system to your cart, a window will pop-up and ask if you want to add on the color speaker grilles. If you don't see it, here is a direct link where you can purchase the speaker grilles

    • Just got a '23 rzr 1000 xp. It looks like the same cage as my other 2020. Will this fit my new rzr?

      Yes, there shouldn't be any issue with fitment on your 2023

    • What size are the speakers?

      They are true 6.5" coaxial speakers