2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods
2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods
2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods
2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods
2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods
2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods
2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods

2014-2023 Polaris RZR Front Kick 6.5" Speaker Pods

SSV Works

SKU : 190-RZ4-F65U

Plug-&-Play 6.5" Front-Kick Speaker-Pods for Polaris® RZR's

SSV Works is the first company to integrate audio in side-by-sides, we have pioneered all the great features you find in audio-systems today. From plug-&-play kit solutions, true weatherproof ratings, to factory fit and finishes, SSV has set the standard in UTV audio from the very beginning!  

Plug-&-Play: No Soldering, cutting or crimping! Designed to install as easy as possible. Simply bolt down the speaker enclosures with the pre-installed speakers, run the vehicle specific plug-&-play wiring, turn the key and go! Made to install as easy as possible, you spend less time wrenching and more time riding! 

Factory Fit and Finish: Each kit looks just the way it should, like it came straight from the factory. Purpose built, our enclosures match the factory styling and fits with seamless precision.

Trail Ready: Built for the off-road environment, SSV Works’ audio components will withstand all the harsh riding conditions. From sand, dust, water or snow, you can ride your favorite trails without sacrificing premium audio from SSV Works.


  • 6.5" Front Kick-Pods
  • SSV Works or Kicker Speakers (if ordering with speakers)
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Patent: #D947807

Questions & Answers

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  • Fit a 2024 rzr xp 1000 sport

    Unfortunately, no these pods do not fit on the 2024 RZR XP1000

  • wich enclosure is better between this on and one below and what are the differences between the two SSV Works RZ3-FKP77-U

    The RZ4-F65 pods are designed to fit 6.5" speakers and install by using the factory screw holes in the floor board of the RZR. The RZ3-FKP77 are designed for 7.7" speakers and will need to be mounted through the fender well

  • i have a 2018 rzr xp1000 im looking to replace my ride command factory door speakers with these potentially i got tall metal doors thats why im looking to relocate to kick panel and simeltaneously upgrade speakers already running an aftermarket amp and tower speakers through ride command with adapter not looking to install another amp just want better louder speakers than what came in it and want to only need to wire up +&- on each speaker and them be powered by ride command just like from factoryy few questions 1. is this my best option for speaker replacement only 2. do you have door enclosures that will work with full metal doors 3. i see a pic of plug and play connectors but im confused where it would plug up to....in the pick its a 4 wire plug but in my rzr each speaker only has a 2 wire plug

    1) Our RZ4-F65 speaker pods are great when adding more sound to your RZR. There are a couple of options you could choose in adding more sound and customers all have different preferences in sound. We can't say that these are your "best" option, but we can say that they are easy to insatll and they sound great.


    2), Unfortunately, no we do not have have door speaker enclosures for that machine


    3) The plug and play wiring you see in our photo is used for plug and play to SSV Works stereo sytems only. The harness will plug into our speaker enclosures,but the other end of the harness will only plug into an SSV system. If you are using any other stereo unit, these would need to be hardwired to that system.

  • Does plug and play wiring for ride command come with this kit?

    Unfortunately, no it does not. Please contact our customer service team at 818-991-1778 and they can assist you in gett6i9ng what's needed to get a system in your machine

  • Do you need an amp to power these when using with the over head unit?

    No. You do not need to use an amplifier to power these. There is a rear output coming out of the overhead system that is amplified by the stereo system

  • Will these sleakers work with your Overhead Sound System and if so do I need a special harness to reach it?

    Yes. You will need the B-H1913 and B-H1909 harnesses as well

  • Will a skar audio 6.5 marine speaker fit the dimensions of the speaker is 3.25 inches

    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee fitment on that style speaker.

  • How much air space do these have?

    These have an airspace volume of 0.087 FT³

  • will the ZERO 6 XZ-B | Wet Sounds 6.5 speakers fit in this enclosure?

    Unfortunately we have not verified if that model speaker fits in our RZ4-F65 enclosures.