Phase EQ by SSV Works

As the industry leader, SSV Works doesn't create products to meet the industry standard Dynamic Power ratings, we create products to set the NEW standard. Phase EQ is a revolutionary new powersports amp, paving the way in UTV audio. From selectable, vehicle specific pretuned DSP profiles to the impressive IP66 waterproof rating, no one else can match Phase EQ

Rock and Ride™

The included Rock and Ride switch maximizes the way your stereo sounds depending on what you're doing. Whether at camp or on the trail, you can change the pre-tuned DSP of your system with the push of a button. Whether you're on ROCK or RIDE, each setting comes pre-tuned, specific to the stereo kit and car it's going in. This means no matter the ride, the audio is perfectly processed for the ultimate listening experience, just like you find in today's luxury on-road vehicles.

  • ROCK

    Rock provides the fullest sonic and most optimal sound when the vehicle is in park while you are tailgating or camping.

  • RIDE

    Ride compensates for wind and engine noise to achieve the most energized listening experience in the cab, while ripping down the trails at full throttle.

  • SUB +/-

    Some songs hit harder than others. With the sub +/- control at your finger tips, easliy adjust the bass up or down on the fly.

Pretuned DSP

Whether you drive a Polaris Pro R, Ranger XP1000, CanAm X3 or another vehicle, each amp's digital signal processor comes tuned specific to the audio-kit as well as the specific vehicle. This is much more than just setting the gain that the other guys do and call "pretuned".

Included w/most Kits

Whether ordering a 3, 5, 6 or 8-speaker UTV audio system from SSV Works, rest assured, your kit comes with the new high-caliber powersports amp, Phase EQ.

*Not included in 1 or 2-speaker kits.

800-Watt 5-Channel

The way we process the audio signal with the DSP tuning, this allows our 800-watt amplifier to out-preform any higher watt UTV amplifier out on the market.

Camlock Connection

The single weatherproof camlock connector makes installation a breeze

IP66 Rated

No matter the terrain you ride, water, mud, dirt or dust, it all stays outside the amp